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Certified locations: Str. Mihai Viteazu Nr.88, Carei, Satu Mare, Romania Str. Principala, Nr. 307, Ciumesti, Satu Mare, Romania Str. Satu Mare, Nr.16, Livada, Satu Mare, Romania Str. Dunarii, Nr.74, Cluj, Cluj Napoca, Romania Cartierul Republicii, Bl. 4, Sc. C, Parter, Carei, Satu Mare, Romania Str. 25 Octombrie, Nr. 41, Carei, Satu Mare, Romania Piata 1 Mai, Nr. 1, Carei, Satu Mare, Romania
Scope of activities: Manufacturing of bread, cookies and fresh pastry products. Retail sale of bread, pastry and confectionery products in specialized stores. Retail trade in non-specialized stores with predominant sale of food, beverages and tobacco. Packaging activities. Road transport of goods.
According to standard: ISO 9001:2015
Validity: valid