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UPTD. PUSAT KESEHATAN HEWAN KOTA SOLOK Animal Health Center Solok City DINAS PERTANIAN KOTA SOLOK Agriculture Services of Solok City

Certified locations: Jl. A. Yani no.60 Simpang Ambacang Kelurahan VI Suku Kecamatan Lubuk Sikarah Kota Solok, Provinsi Sumatera Barat, Indonesia.
Scope of activities: 1. Animal health services. 2. Conducting monitoring and diagnosis of animal diseases. 3. Implementation of administrative affairs and household, management of personnel affairs, financial affairs and equipments.
According to standard: ISO 9001:2015
Validity: withdrawn
Date of withdrawal: 01.11.2021
Reason for withdrawal of the certificate: Non-allowance of surveillance audit performance